Taka Security is an Amsterdam-based company whose core business is offering Ethereum smart contract auditing services. Besides performing audits the company also works on the development of Ethereum smart contract analysis tools. The company was founded in 2020 by Alexander Remie.

Alexander is an independent Ethereum smart contract auditor who has previously worked for ChainSecurity and PwC Switzerland. After gaining experience doing dozens of audits for these companies he decided to set up his own Ethereum smart contract auditing company. Alexander has experience auditing various types of Ethereum smart contract projects: ranging from decentralized exchanges to projects building on top of ENS. Before working as an Ethereum smart contract auditor Alexander worked in traditional payments and as an Ethereum smart contract developer.

Published Audits

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DeFi Projects

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On a high level a security audit generally consists of the following steps:

  1. Client provides the source code to Taka Security.
  2. Taka Security reviews the code and generates a pdf report with findings.
  3. Taka Security hands the report over to Client.
  4. Client fixes or responds to all findings in the report.
  5. Client provides updated source code/specification to Taka Security.
  6. Taka Security reviews the updated code and updates the pdf report accordingly.
  7. Taka Security hands over the final report to Client.

The output of a security audit is a PDF report which includes findings as well as other information regarding the audited project. If the client resolved findings, those will be marked accordingly. Finally, if both parties agree, the PDF report can be published.


Taka Security has developed several public open-source Ethereum smart contract analysis tools. Besides these public tools development is still ongoing on several other tools, which will also be released to the public once ready.

  • sslc checks for inefficient struct layouts in Solidity smart contracts.
  • test-gas compares gas cost of deploying Solidity smart contracts and executing functions.
  • scti generates Solidity smart contract interface file from truffle json abi.

Request an Audit

No longer accepting audits as Alexander has joined Trail of Bits starting September 28 2020.

For contact send an email to contact@takasecurity.com